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How To Remember Your Melodies In Dreams

I have some ideas that I think you should think about to help you remember your music in dreams. To avoid distractions while you are asleep, you should keep your room quiet; turn off your alarm clock, radio, TV, phone, etc. Additionally, you should try to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes or other flying insects while you are sleeping/dreaming. Keep a notepad and a pen, a handheld recorder or a phone recorder, and a bedside light by your bed so that when the sparks of inspiration come, you can quickly write them down and not forget what you just dreamt; these sparks often flicker and fade away quickly.

Having a music workstation or sound recording instruments to help you document and recall your musical experiences can be very useful. This way, you are more likely to remember and share the music in your dreams.

Despite lacking any formal training in music or expertise in playing instruments, I have been able to explore the possibilities of a MIDI keyboard attached to a Digital Audio Workstation. This has enabled me to make music by composing one note at a time, then arranging the chords to the melody, before recording, mixing, and mastering the track with the ultimate goal of it being heard through various audio systems like speakers and earbuds, and motivating others.

I plan to provide more information on this and other topics in my upcoming blog posts.

Good Luck!

Eliasar A. Simon

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