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After medical school, Dr. Simon went to QCMC (Quezon City Medical Center) where he finished his postgraduate medical internship training which he became a GP (general practitioner).

After few years as a GP, Dr. Simon went to the United States to further his medical training.  He finished his residency in pediatrics at UMDNJ (University of Medicine and Dentistry) in the state of New Jersey.  He is an on-call practicing physician and currently living in Honolulu, Hawaii.  

On the side, he does music transcriptions/notations of his music in dreams that he remembered during sleep and replicating or commiting them to physical form to be shared to all.

Eliasar does not have any formal education in the field of music. He has no proficiency in playing any musical instruments except that through the years, thanks to innovations in the world of digital technology, he has been tinkering with the digital piano keyboard hooked up to a digital audio workstation, which enable him to arrange, record and mix, hoping that these musical dream encounters would manifest physically–able to hear these musical encounters on sound equipments, i.e. speakers, earbuds, etc.

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About Dr. Eliasar A. Simon

Eliasar (Eli) was born in Davao City, Philippines. When he was 6 years of age, his family moved to General Santos City where he spent growing up and finished his Elementary and High school education.

Then Eliasar went to college at FEU (Far Eastern University) in Manila where he attained a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Zoology.  He then entered medical school at FEU-NRMF- School of Medicine with a Doctor of Medicine degree.